Car Spa and Design

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Car Spa and Design

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Car Spa and Design


Car Spa and Design Are you children to play with the cutest car ready universe? She ‘s all dirty now, but here in this room special car that’ll have the time of your life! Pamper her with special spa products car. Use shampoo to clean the car, wash your wheels and make the spark! Now you’re almost ready to hit the road, but first … customize your look with colors and stickers! Mouse only! Whenever a car is first bought, you expect That the owner is always thrilled to ride it, but after the car is all used up and dirty, you will not see the owner riding it like the way I used to when it was new. And That is the time, That the car needs new renovation. For sure, the car will not be in good running condition like that of a new car, but it is always be your very own car. You just need to make it like a new car. Perhaps a good make over is what it needs, but the engine are pretty darn old and it will not run as smooth as it was the first time bought around. The game is played with a mouse and you need to make the car like it is totally new. No, you can not change the engine, but you can always change the design and it would look like new again. The game Allows you to make some alteration With the car little by little. But, first you need to clean it well since the car has not Been used for ages and it is quite dirty. After That, you need to change the design to That of a new car, so it would like new again.

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