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Principal-Sourced Remote Learning Resources

Educators no doubt have seen their fair share of remote learning tools. But in order to find the best resources that are principal-approved, The Fund asked our PLC leaders, coaches and partners to tell us their most pressing needs and what resources have been most helpful. 

In the below FAQ, all of the questions were sourced from principals. As for the answers, over half of the resources came directly from principals; other resources were tracked down by our team.

Questions and answers fall under one of four categories: 

  • Engagement & Culture, including resources about parent communication, community conversation planning, and SEL
  • Supporting Teachers, including resources about staff self-care, staff communications, and teaching resources
  • Assessment, including resources about curriculum, equity, and student self-assessment
  • Safety & Logistics, including resources about attendance, scheduling and technology 

This is a living document that we will update periodically as the year goes on. If you have found a useful resource that answers any of these questions posed by principals, please message

Engagement & Culture

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Supporting Teachers

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Safety & Logistics 

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