Sports Car Wash

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Sports Car Wash

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Sports Car Wash


Sports Car Wash A new sports car has reached the garage of Dan today! Dan wants to clean it and change it from head to foot and want to make sure that girls like the new look. Luckily you’re here to help you create the perfect sports car for girls! A sports car is subjected to wear in tear in the race track as it is always drive at a maximum speed. Most of the time, it gets banged up as the drive would not Care About the car’s welfare. When the drive is in the race track, one thing is on His Mind – winning the race. And I would do everything even if I That Means That Might get himself into an hospital. Truly, drive a race car is one of the MOST dangerous jobs in the world. So, You Could Imagine how the car gets bang During a race. Enough With The driver Because this game is acerca the sports car. In this game, you are going to wash and fix the car. The game is played with a mouse. There are no time limits in this game. You can know what to do Easily since the game guides you on what to do. First, you would need to wash the car thoroughly. Afterwards, you need to fix the car. Do some maintenance and make it groovy. Once, you are finished doing all of that, you are ready to show the car to the rest of the world.

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